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Sound company and systems rental in Ibiza

In Ibiza Plug & Play we put at your service, the material and specialized personnel for the technical assembly and use of the sound system of last generation.

Concerts sounding

We have the adequate sound systems according to the technical needs of each concert.


We offer backline technical assemblies adapted to the characteristics of each music equipment, musical style and environment in which the concert is performed.

Private events sounding

Professional sound reproduction is a fundamental aspect for your events to be perfect; therefore, we have sound equipment suitable for assemblies of all kinds.

Sounding of conferences and congresses

We put at your disposal the best sound equipment for any kind of public event.

Fixed sound installations

We have specialized professionals for the technical assembly of any type of sound installation, among others, fixed installations.

Official distributor KV2 audio

We are official distributors of KV2 Audio, which offers the best sound systems of last generation.

Rental and sale of sound equipment

We put at your service the best sound material so you can rent it or buy it for your events.

Rent and hire sound systems in Ibiza

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